We are on a journey to change the way businesses find candidates.

Be part of the revolution!
A big thank you to our initial clients & research partners

The hiring market is highly unefficient

Usual career pages miss 90% of the job seekers resumes. No one believes they can lead to hire the best talents anymore.

Recruitment process and answers to job seekers are frustrating. The best profiles wait for headhunters to find them.

We know it, you feel it.


We will cut by half the time it takes you to find the right candidate

Right now, you only get 2% of qualified applicants for the job.
Using our solution,100% of your candidates are pre-qualified.
And you get access to the best matching people for your need from our global pool of active candidates.


An artificial intelligence combined with a smart acquisition tool

We've been at it for over a year and it works great.
Says over 20 small and huge businesses we have been partnering with at the research stage.
We allow the most valuable applicants, the ones who came to your website, to apply only to jobs they are qualified for.
Our AI scan applicants' resumes and present you with the pick of the litter.


We are turning the hiring process on its head

Attract the most interested candidates

The most valuable candidates are the ones visiting your website, not the one who randomly found you on a job board. Install our widget in less than 2 minutes and start engaging with your most valuable candidates.

Value your candidates' time as much as you value yours.

They won't have to go through the whole list of opened positions. Instead, they drag and drop their resumes on the widget and, in less than 2 secondes, we show them the best matching positions. It means that they are pre-qualified. It means that they are not applying in vain.

Engage instantly.

From the list of matching positions, candidates apply in two clicks. Keep the boring forms and the hard screening questions for later. Feel free to contact the ones who didn't apply. Or improve your job descriptions based on the data our widget provides.

Connect to a global network of active candidates

Everyday, receive matching CVs acquired through your widget, and also, whenever a candidate from our global database matched with your offers and is considered active.